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Claw - Meaning of Dream

A claw is a symbol of anger, disappointments, mistakes and desire to be the main where this is not necessity. Short claws represent the hastily made decisions that will not be helpful or beneficial.

Cropped claws symbolize the elimination of the inconvenience, rush actions, and absolutely spontaneous decisions.

Badly groomed and unhealthy nails portend problems with the liver and wrong chi energy flow in the body. You should seriously engage yourself in the improvement of own health and change the attitude to people and world in general. Claws of strange origin foretell danger and aggression.

If you see that all your body is scratched with cat’s claws, it bodes that someone will try to humiliate or insult you, knowing that you can’t fight back at the moment. Also, this is considered as a harbinger of problems in money matters or lack of cash income.

If you dream of a claw, it reflects your desire to fight and resist, because the claw is a symbol of the struggle, action, and confrontations.

Very long nails indicate the state of isolation and vulnerabilities, as if a dreamer is constrained, locked in own world and afraid of various obstacles from the outside. If you see your elongated nails in a dream that resemble to real claws, it tells that you understand own ineffectiveness in business, but you do all possible to reach the necessary results.

Do not worry, a claw does not portend trouble, but only serves as a harbinger and suggests what should be avoided. After all, a person builds own destiny alone and can influence it. Look closely at those who are nearby. Maybe someone just seems to be friendly, but actually plotting something bad and wants to harm you.

There's also a good interpretation and meaning of this dream - for example, if you see the decorations made of claws. This dream tells that shortly you will think about something important and it will change your life for the better. Some downers interpret this dream as an omen of wealth and well-being, so it may even foreshadow upcoming prosperity.