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Clay - Meaning of Dream

Clay is a symbol of impending difficulties, which can be considered in a dream and as dirt, and mud stains.

According to Vanga interpretation, a dreaming about clay signals of possible illness and even disgrace. Therefore it can be concluded to be a bad sign.

If you dream that you fell into the mud, it portends possible shame and even scandal, after which members of this incident will remember it for long. Therefore try to be more accurate with your behavior in society after such dreams.

If a person walks on clay in the dreams, it tells that a dreamer can get involved in a messy affair, and it can cause him/her a lot of trouble in the future.

Also, if a person stains own clothes with clay, it can lead to illness and even to various troubles. Especially, when the shoes were splattered with mud in a dream, it signals of impending scandal.

In case you see yourself lying in the clay, it portends that in the near future you will face major cash flows, as well as the envy of other people.

When you see a clay road or terrain, it signifies that the difficult conversation about life is inevitable. Also it indicates slow change in the long-abandoned affairs.

If a person in a dream sculpts something with clay, it states that with a help of persistence he/she can achieve incredible success. This might be promotion or advancement in personal life. When the clay is kneaded with hands, it is a sign that a person is in limbo, and he/she does not know what to expect and how to proceed.

If you see clay pottery, it indicates insecurity and precarious situation in life.

If clay appeared so where it should not be, it is a sign of argument. But it also can be interpreted as a sign of event which will soon happen, and which can leave unpleasant impression in the memory of a dreamer.

Clay portends difficulties with cash. If when digging, you suddenly stumble on clay, it is a harbinger of unpleasant obstacle in your new interesting undertaking.