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Clew - Meaning of Dream

If you see a big ball/clew of woolen threads, it indicates that you are engaged in very troublesome and tedious affair that ultimately will not bring the expected results. This occupation will take your time and effort, which you better use for something really important.

If you hold a clew of yarn in your hands, this is an indication that you will have to solve a very complicated and difficult task in upcoming future. You won’t be able to refuse your superiors, but the implementation of this engagement will take much longer than you originally expected. If you successfully complete the case, you will receive the encouragement from your management.

If you search for a skein in the remote corner of your room, it is a bad sign that promises difficulties and troubles. Soon, you will risk facing with a serious problem, but you won’t find either the reason or the solution to it. Therefore, you will bear the losses and wait until the situation improves itself.

If you see a cat that plays with a skein of yarn it portents the unexpected problems in relationships with family and loved one. You should try to control your negative emotions and do not say words, which you may regret about later. A dream as if you unwound a clew is a warning that soon you can get into the accident or an extremely unpleasant situation on the road. If you interwind a thread into a skein, it tells that soon you will start a long and exciting trip.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you dream of neat ball of wool yarn, it's a sign that in the next few years, your life will be easy and happy, and most of your affairs will bring the desired result. However, in the future you will face the significant challenges that will come after the good times.

A half unwound skein with threads sticking out is a warning of the imminent misfortune, which will cause a rash treacherous act of one of your friends. This person will very quickly realize own mistakes, but it will be impossible to correct the situation.