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Climb - Meaning of Dream

If you climb up the cliff holding onto stones, this dream promises a promotion. You will succeed if you exercise more diligence and attention in own business. In you climb the mountains holding a banner in your hands - in reality you will survive a disaster.

If you climb the stairs in a dream, you will have difficulties in life. Climbing up portends the successful completion of cases, although not at this stage, the outcome may come a little later.

According to Miller, if you climb up the mountain on a beautiful trail, this dream promises wealth, respect and recognition. If you climb up the rough mountain and reach the top – get ready for adversity. If you climb a dangerous spot and suddenly wake up - in reality, you will find a way out of the situation. Climbing up a ladder promises you a cloudless happiness and prosperity. And if you go down, you will have to go through bad luck and disappointment with love partner. If you climb up but can’t reach the goal, it indicates the violation of expectations. If a young woman climbs a wall, she will find a reliable and strong man and will be happy.

In Vanga’s dream book, if you climb up the tower or other high elevation with great efforts, this is a signal that you have a lot of obstacles and difficulties that require solution on the way to success. If you climb through the maze or tunnel, this is a bad omen. This dream symbolizes discontent with own life; in attempt to build something you resort to new ways, which are going round in circles. Circumstances prevent your escape from such a confined space. You should be more active, otherwise you risk not noticing how your life will pass by.

If you climb up and see a way out of the closed space, it tells that you can expect the improvement; everything will work out in life. If you climb to hide in a shelter – you will get lost in affairs. Perhaps you will even perform the criminal actions that will force you hide from the law. In some cases, such content of a dream symbolizes the loneliness of a dreamer, because he/she deliberately ignores the communication with the people around. If you climb and hide from the monsters – you will hear about some unusual events in life.

According to Freud, if you climb the ladder to the boat, you will gain the recognition of new acquaintances. Climbing up to the attic filled with dusty trash bodes that you will have intimate relations with someone from your old circle of friends, with a person who had feelings to you for some time, but restrained himself/herself from decisive action. If you climb the stairs of scaffold, this dream foretells a meeting with an important person.