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Clip-on earrings - Meaning of Dream

Clip-on earrings or similar decorations are evidence that a dreamer wants to have more trusting and friendly relationship between the members of the family. A person is ready for any major changes, only to make it happened.

If you put the clip earrings on and look in the mirror, it tells that in reality you have very trusting attitude towards people. Such feature of your character can attract all sorts of scams.

If at the night from Friday to Saturday you dreamed of the broken clip-on earrings, it signifies that you can’t take good care of your own property, including financial assets. Your insatiable desire to continually spend money could end up badly, and then you won’t have money to buy even the simplest food.

If you select the clips in the store, this dream warns you about the possible loss of a very valuable thing. If you have lost the clip in a dream, it foretells that you will get acquainted with positive people who will become your real friends. Through this friendship your life will sparkle with new colors. But if you saw such a dream at Thursday night, it may be a warning of the need to pay for your debts.

In Miller’s interpretation, beautiful, high quality clip-on earrings that appeared in your dream, indicates that in reality you are not satisfied with your family life. Again and again, you have the desire to compensate for your negative feelings outside the family.

For a young girl looking in the mirror when trying on clips means caution, especially if she is dealing with strangers. Among them may appear dishonest people, who try to take advantage of the trusting nature of a dreamer. If you lose a clip, in reality you will find cheerful friends. The communication with them may bring you a lot of new and pleasant impressions. If you want to buy clips and select them in the store, it bodes that you will solve own problems in the simplest way. If the girl dreamed that she accidentally put two completely different clips on, it tells that she will have to make a responsible step and choose one fan among few of them.