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Clock - Meaning of Dream

Clock in the dream is a symbol of potential hassles associated with loved ones. It also indicates some features of character, which you need to get rid of. Of course, there are positive interpretations of the dream about clock. It all depends on what the circumstances if the dream were.

Clock is a symbol of deliverance. Such dream means that in the near future you will be able not only to get rid of own fears, but also will prevent a terrible danger. This is the main meaning of this dream, but there are other explanations as well.

For example, if you look at a clock in order to clarify the time (someone asked you), it indicates the increased activity of your competitors. Only active and fearless deeds will help you in such situation.

If you dream of a clock which you have broken by your inadvertence, it is better to think about insurance in advance. This dream is a warning of the trouble, the loss from which can be reduced if you prepare for it in time.

If the glass on the clock was broken, in such a way the fate indicates the unacceptability of your frivolous behavior. Even if you are surrounded by people you don’t like, there is no reason for decrease of self-control.

If you lose a clock in the dream, it prepares you for some family troubles. In such situation, it is important not start quarrels and scandals, as it will only exacerbate the problem. Relaxed attitude will smooth the problems over and will help to overcome the difficult period.

Miller’s dream book gives the interpretation of the dream, in which someone steals a clock. If you dream that you have committed such act, it means that your reputation is in danger. The reason for that will be the actions of your detractors. Thus, it is important to remain calm in provocative situation.

For a woman, to see a clock in the dream - a sign, that it is time to think over own life and actions. She should try to analyze all her past life and see how she lived before; maybe some of her actions were amoral. And if she finds such issues, which should be fixed, it is better to do so.

If you understand that your marriage or your relationship does not bring any happiness, you have to think about the break up. Do not be afraid of this step, because you will be able to find real happiness soon.

If you check time on the clock it's a good sign. Even ancient Mayans explained that it is a sign that everything bad will disappear, and you will start another joyful life. Of course, if you do not stumble on the way to happiness.

Finally, if you dream that you just look at the clock, it is a good omen. All your deals will develop successfully. Only in some cases, this dream can be considered as a warning sign. For example, if you see a broken or non-working clock.