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Close - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you close any type of a jar, basket or box, in reality you will come closer to the end of the case, or the event. And if this container was not full/filled with anything, it tells that the final result won’t be very favorable for you. Conversely, full vessel or package indicates a good final.

If you lock something, it is a warning sign of a deliberate sabotage of someone from your entourage. Close a book or a notebook, you will actually learn lot of information about yourself from gossips. If you close the door in a dream, it threatens with troubles and frustration in real life. If a young girl closes and locks the door with a key, in reality she will get married successfully. If someone closed a door in front of you, it is a sign that you demonstrate some levity in deeds.

According to Vanga, if you close the entrance to the tower, and climb to the top with great effort, it tells that you may encounter difficulties and obstacles, but you will overcome everything on the way to your goal. Dream book by Miller states that if you close a door or gates, it is a symbol of success and a favorable outcome of the enterprise and the acquaintance with good friends.

If you dream of already closed gate, it tells that you will quit if only you face difficulties. If in the process of closing a door or gate, it came off its hinges and broke, then in real life your friends and family are threatened with danger.

According to Freud, if the gates were already closed, you should look closely to your partner’s behavior, perhaps his/her feelings have faded for a long time. A dream in which you latch the door symbolizes the fears and concerns in intimate relations. Before you perform the leap of trust, you should thoroughly weigh the pros and cons. Also such a dream may indicate the attempt to get rid of courtship and attention of a particular person that can develop into antipathy.