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Clown - Meaning of Dream

A clown in a dream acts as a warning that your new friends will try to get you into some dubious business. If you disregard the voice of reason and succumb to the entreaties, you will not only lose your own money, but also will risk attracting the attention of law enforcement. Also a clown in a dream may mean that at some point you will decide to forget about the rules of morality and will be engaged in a love affair that can defame you; and very soon you will regret about inability to resist the temptation.

If you were a clown, get ready that some close people who have the same social level with you, will try to assert themselves on your account. They will decide to publicly ridicule or humiliate you, but if you show restraint and wit, you will successfully repel the attack.

A dream with a terrible and evil clown is evidence that one of the people, whom you consider as your friend, is actually a cowardly and hypocritical person. Soon he/she will perform quite low act, and this event will cause you a feeling of disappointment because your trust was basely abused.

If you dream of a sad clown, on the contrary, it states that you do not trust your relatives and you never ask for their assistance, which is sometimes very necessary. Such mistrust offends your loved ones, because they wish only the best for you.

According to Miller, if a clown makes you laugh and teases you, it's a harbinger that you will find the means to earn the money necessary to carry out your dreams. This work will be hard and exhausting, but as a result you will not only get the right amount of money, but also will gain experience that you will require in the future. If you try a clown suit on, this is a warning about your excessive trust to unfamiliar people and the desire to notice only the positive traits of people around. Using your naivete and openness, the detractors will try to mislead you, in order to drain of your money, which you earned in the honest way. This dream also warns that you should beware of immoral women; otherwise bad relationship with them will affect your reputation. A dream, as if you were a clown and entertained a large crowd of people, is a bad omen that promises misfortune and bad luck in life.