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Cobblestone - Meaning of Dream

Cobblestone appeared in a dream foretells gossip, intrigues, and backbiting. If you dream of a real rockfall, it is better to calm down and not to be afraid of malicious tongues, because your reputation is so flawless that nothing and no one can tarnish it.

If you escaped from a rockfall, in reality you will have to use all your wisdom, in order to keep your good name after dirty rumors. It will not be easy, but thanks to your cunning and rare charm you will definitely cope with evil-speaking.

If you dream of ripples on the water because you drop a cobblestone, it means that gossip will negatively affect the course of your life.

According to Miller’s dream book cobblestone is a sign of complexities, revenge, misunderstandings. If you throw it, you might face disputes and quarrels; if you stand on a cobblestone you might experience the feeling of consternation; if you sit on it, it means that your expectations are too high.

Cobblestone in Freud's dream book represents tranquility and indifference. For a woman, dreaming of a cobblestone on the road indicates her sexual estrangement. This dream is a call for her to behave relaxed, show imagination and experiment, otherwise private life will become routine.

For man, this dream foretells that he sincerely believes to be a true virtuoso in love, but in reality it is not true. He needs to become more self-critical, and pay more attention to the lady, and then an intimate relationship will be more beautiful and amazing.

Throwing or holding a cobblestone is a sign of a strong offense caused to you. You want to teach a lesson to the offender, but this dream advises to refrain from retaliation: you will only get upset and spoil your mood.

If you dreamed of many cobblestones, then you'll have a desire to please yourself with something. Try to satisfy your desire and you will notice how sensuality can refresh your private life.

Slightly cracked boulder foreshadows difficulties and problems in intimate relationships. If can be of different reason, whether it's fatigue or just a lack of understanding of a partner. Do not worry, this situation will not last for long and soon everything will come back to normal.

Cobblestone in a dream is a sign of acquaintance with a pleasant person and joyful time together.

If in a dream you see a split cobblestone, it means that you will separate with a close person.

If you walk along the road made of cobblestones, it means that your partner has lovers, and not only one, and soon you will meet them.

Sometimes cobblestone in a dream means intrigues and envy around you. Use the dream as a warning, which requires the evaluation of own deeds.