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Cobra - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of cobra slithering pass you, this reflects your peaceful and tranquil life. If you felt the attack of a cobra, this is a warning sign of upcoming enemies’ attack. If you won a duel against a cobra - your efforts will be enough to solve the difficulties plotted by your enemies.

If a cobra enwinds you around, but doesn’t harm, this is a foreshadowing of new feelings which will suddenly appear in your life. The consequence of a whirlwind romance will be your marriage.

In Miller’s interpretation, if a woman is bitten by a cobra, she will face suffering caused by hypocritical friends. To see cobra means to face new forms and manifestations of evil.

If you kill it, you will undertake any means in life in order to achieve own interests or triumph over enemies and restore own reputation.

If you pass a cobra by, it indicates that you are constantly afraid of sickness or loss of your place in society.

If a cobra slithers closer to attack you, but you manage to avoid the bite, it tells that in life you have a false feeling of being neglected and left behind. In fact, everything is not as scary; soon you'll get a reward and recognition.

If you hold a cobra in your hands, you will encounter cares and troubles. If you accidently step on it, you will anticipate pure joy.

If you see how a cobra stings someone, it bodes that you will hurt the feelings of your friend. And if you observe a cobra dominating your friend, it portends that you'll uncover a conspiracy organized against your fellow.

In Vanga’s dream book, a cobra slithering on the ground, symbolizes your enemy who will change tactics and start open attacks. Since cobra is a venomous snake, most likely it will be difficult to win in this fight, and perhaps even impossible.

A snaky knot is a bad omen. It warns you of many envious people around, who want to ruin your career, wish you unhappiness in the family or even death.

If you felt the bite of a cobra in your dream, you will be disappointed with the dearest person. In search for the source of failure, you will suddenly find that all the troubles appeared because of a close person.

Curled up cobra is a warning that the enemies prepare an attack against you in the most inopportune moment.

If a cobra enwinds your neck, this is a bad omen, foretelling terrible illness or death of someone close. Giant cobra in a dream tells about the impending tragedy, hunger, poverty, violence, human suffering in society.

According to Freud, if you see a cobra basking in the sun, it reflects your sexual tonus. If a woman sees her partner in the image of a cobra, this dream tells that she will have positive changes in intimate life.

A cobra bite threatens with breakup of present relations. If you see a snake biting someone, it indicates your lust towards that person.

If you hunt a cobra and try to catch it, the dream states that you are a predator in reality, and you used to active sexual relations.

If you try to escape and run away from cobra, it indicates some problems that you face in sexual life, and which are shameful to be solved.

If you feel the bites of many snakes or insects, you will have real problems with relatives.