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Coca-Cola - Meaning of Dream

A strong desire to quench thirst with Coke drink foretells you problems in relationships with the opposite sex. If will be hard to find a common language because of the lack of your confidence in own potential and inability to catch the interest of others. If you dreamed of a bottle of Coca-Cola, you will be communicating with cheerful and nice people.

In a dream you bought a bottle of Coca-Cola - in reality you will be able to elicit sympathy on the part of many surrounding people, and your friends will just adore you. If you drink Coca-Cola, this dream forebodes that you will have a rare opportunity to acquire a big capital. At the same time, you will not take advantage of this opportunity through your fault. The reason for this could be your unwillingness to put efforts to demonstrate full potential. For a young girl, such a dream can be interpreted as a prediction of a romantic relationship with a very positive young man.

If you accidentally spilled Coke on your clothes, in reality you’ll have to face minor troubles, gossips and intrigues. It won’t have any serious consequences for you; however, it may spoil your mood for a while.

Miller interpreted the acquisition of Coca-Cola can in a dream as an upcoming noisy and fun celebration. Sometimes the dream book treats this image as a prediction of an interesting travel, or a fun trip. If a man drank Coke, he must make the best of own abilities to solve urgent problems; if not, the rare opportunity to significantly improve own social and financial position will be lost. If a woman dreams as if she is drinking Coke, it is a bad sign. It warns of possible health problems; up to complete its worsening. The same dream may indicate that the dreamer is captivated by thirst for pleasure. If she doesn’t change her behavior, she will miss the opportunity to marry a wealthy man.