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Cockroach - Meaning of Dream


After analyzing many dream books, there is a definite conclusion what cockroach means in the dream. Those future events that are informed with dreams involving cockroaches usually do not bare anything wrong. This can be a variety of news, surprises, including pleasant events. It means that there is no reason to be worried about anything.

If you dream of a large cockroach, just of gigantic size, the interpretation of the dream will vary depending on its kith (red or black).

Many downers agree that the emergence of a large red cockroach in the dream portends only good upcoming events, from success in many cases to a fun party with influential people.

But if you see a black cockroach, in the real world you will attract a lot of trouble and hassle, start a family quarrel and even face anger from influential persons with whom you recently shared a table.

It would be nice to kill the night guest, almost all downers interpret it the same: the good news is coming soon, interesting acquaintances and unprecedented entertainment.

If you plan something important in your life, the dream with cockroaches is considered to be good. These events might be a wedding, moving to another place of residence, home construction, and so on. Therefore if you see such “neighbors” at this period, it is a sign of favorable outcome of all plans.

If you suddenly dream of cockroach of unprecedented size (a mere monster), then after the shock of its appearance and forced wake up, you realizing the reality and can safely continue your rest, there is nothing to worry about. In your life in the near future everything will be fine.

If you find a dead insect in a dream, it does not foretell a quiet life, and your plans most likely won’t come true. The same meaning has the dream in which you conduct a severe chemical warfare against these creatures.

You should beware, while walking in the streets, enjoying the outdoors, digging in the garden, if you had a dream of cockroach crawling on a leg or other body parts. Perhaps danger lurks in every wrong step (do not stumble, do not slip, do not cross the road in front of traffic).

If big cockroaches try to attack you in your dream, it is a bad sign. It is likely that you will face all possible disasters, and therefore you will have to spend a lot of effort to restore your prosperity.

If you see such dreams often, remember: they will disappear as soon as your house will be peaceful and you solve all immediate problems.

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