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Cocktail - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of an alcoholic cocktail, it foretells hardships and unpleasant incident. Numerous problems at work will make you feel helpless and non-professional. The situation will develop not easy, but do not get discouraged and do not lose heart - after a while, everything will certainly improve. Remember: the trouble is a temporary phenomenon, and after the dark night always comes a bright and sunny day.

If you dreamed of a stranger drinking a cocktail, this dream predicts significant improvements in love affairs. You and your partner will suddenly feel the insatiable passion, and relationships that have long been a monotonous and boring routine will begin to blossom.

A dreaming about nonalcoholic cocktail portends a serious quarrel with a close friend in foreseeable future. Most likely, the reason is the loss of common interests. If you want to save the friendship, try to find a new entertainment, which will be interesting for both of you. Forget about own affairs and devote a couple of the days to your close people, and then you will revive understanding.

If you dreamed of poured out cocktail - apparently, you are deadly tired from everyday life and you need a good rest to get thoughts together. Warn your friends and hit the road. Stay alone and try to forget about the problems, now you need that.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you enjoy the exquisite taste of a cocktail - soon for unobvious reasons, you will behave hypocritically with friends, embellishing the quality of your life.

Pretending to be a decent family man, a serious scientist or an inquisitive student, you'll really enjoy the company of dishonest and frivolous fast livers. For women this dream foretells dissolute activities and a complete disregard for accepted moral standards. Be careful not to overdo it in the entertainment, or you might get into trouble.