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Cocoa - Meaning of Dream

Cocoa powder in the modern dream book indicates that soon you will suppress your emotions and start friendly relations with people, to whom you felt a deep antipathy at the very beginning of your communication. Such steps to get closer on your part will have a well-defined goal - with the help of these people, you can get a promotion at work or get acquainted with someone who is useful for the development of your business.

If you drink delicious fresh cocoa in your dream, it is a good sign, heralding a lot of luck and significant achievements that will appear after a short run of bad luck.

If you drank cold and tasteless cocoa, by contrast, it is a bad symbol that promises health problems and annoying complications in business.

If you add milk to cocoa, it is time to start rather promising business, and if you can manage it well, you will get a huge profit and will occupy a high position in society.

A dream, in which you prepared cocoa drink for your loved ones, shows that your income will ensure a comfortable life not only to you but also to those who are close.

If you dreamed that you bought cocoa, probably, soon you will have new colleagues or business partners with whom you will work a lot easier than with those that were before.

According to Miller, cocoa signals of friends for benefit, who will not share your point of view about the important things, and who have strange lifestyle.

If you pour cocoa in cups, probably you will make friends with people of questionable characters, but do not try to please them, furthermore – be led by the nose.

A dream in which you make cocoa, foretells that you will gain a great reputation among your friends and colleagues, so these people will believe everything that you say and fulfill all your wishes. Also, this dream promises love adventure and intrigue that will forever remain private.

If someone else prepared cocoa for you, it bodes that you are going to be influenced by somebody, who will make you play the role of a slave.