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Cocoon - Meaning of Dream

A dream about a cocoon may be interpreted in different ways, depending on kind, shape and size of the cocoon. It is possible to make assumptions about the dream in virtue of these basic details. Also a dreamer is important in the interpretation. If it was a man, a cocoon states that in relationship with a woman, a man will be seriously influenced by her; thereby it will be difficult to get released from the cocoon made by her.

To determine the meaning of a dream about cocoon, it is necessary to remember its initial destination. Cocoons in nature play a large role in the transformation of insects, in other words they carry the knowledge of those metamorphoses that occur discreetly, by insensible degrees.

Therefore, if a person dreams of a cocoon, it may indicate changes that began in dreamer’s life, and remain unnoticed. On the other hand, a cocoon is considered as a safe place, which can be used to protect people from the hassles that occur in life.

For a young girl, a dream about a cocoon bodes the speculations with a young man, who attracts her not only by the appearance but also by hidden features and unpredictable behavior.

If you dream of a butterfly breaking a cocoon, this is a favorable dream, which states that all the difficulties and troubles are left behind; the way for further development and improvement is open.

If you watch a caterpillar creating of cocoon, this dream warns that your enemies wait for the slightest opportunity to find something reprehensible in your deeds. Once they do that, your name will be defamed with all sorts of rumors and gossip.

If you see a process of butterfly apparition, it foretells that your friends will have addition to the family. If a dreamer has own family, the dream predicts the birth of a child. If you accidentally crushed a cocoon, the troubles will appear both in your and your family and friends lives.

In Miller’s interpretation, a cocoon for a man indicates the confusion in his feelings related to a potential partner. The thing is that his woman is very original, and also behaves very unpredictably.

The same dream for a woman or a girl is the prediction of romantic communication, which can cause a lot of new and interesting impressions.