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Code - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you see code numbers, represents your state of mind at the moment. A code, which has repeated figures of one, foreshadows the doubts about partner’s loyalty, boredom and loneliness. If the code has more of duads, it tells that you suspicions about treason will be acknowledged; triplets reveal the desire for legal marriage; fives portend new victories in the intimate sphere.

Repeating fours in a dream, tell us about the extremely monotonous life and the desire to change it. Sixes symbolize wellbeing; sevens reflect sympathy for the unfamiliar person; eights promise hostility towards others. Finally, the prevalence of nines marks your desire for harmonious relations with a loved one.

If you strongly want to remember the code, and continuously repeat a set of numbers, then in reality you will have an interesting acquaintance, and those numbers in a dream may be a telephone number. A dream, in which you type a numeric code trying to get into the house, indicates your extraordinary mental abilities, the ability to independently make own decisions, and form an opinion. Along with this, you are fearless, courageous and brave. If you set a numeric code on a case, container or door lockers, this is a call for careful consideration of own actions and decision making.

If you pick off the code to someone’s fireproof cabinet, drawer, or door, it signifies that you experience the feeling of remorse caused by undue suspicion towards your friend.

If you did not know the password and your attempts to log in the computer were ineffective, this dream portends threatening troubles if you do not refrain from abominable behavior.