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Coffee - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of the process of roasting coffee in a pan, in reality will have to make excuses with your soul mate for your previous romances; yet every person has something to hide, so do not take to heart these inquiries, you can just laugh it off and change the topic.

If a married woman drinks coffee in the company of her friends, it forebodes family life changes that can adversely affect the marriage. If you serve coffee, you should get ready for losses, which would be difficult to recover, but you need to find the strength to do it.

Coffee grounds portends successful struggle, only in case you harness willpower and courage. For unmarried woman coffee promises gossip and slander, so she needs to be more circumspect in words, but especially in actions, because the enemies are waiting for the right moment to start a sledge attack.

Coffee could spell both an argument, and a happy marriage, you only need to remember the elements of a dream. If you dream of coffee - in reality you experience anxiety for your deeds, so you need to get together and do everything possible to avoid a reprimand from your superiors.

If you drink coffee in a company of your close friends, it tells that you will have to listen to their grievances over your partner.

If you drink coffee alone, in reality you will have a warm conversation with a friend, thanks to which the relationship will become more trusting.

If a married woman drinks coffee from a porcelain cup, in reality she will have scandals with her husband, followed by common clashes in the family. Also such a dream portends the breakup of relationship, and difficulties to fix the situation.

According to another dream book, coffee promises a sleepless night; and if you are the owner of coffee shop, you may suffer the painful death.

The dream book of Miller portends gossip and rumors which are difficult to escape, but there is a solution - just do not notice them, in such a way it will not hurt your feelings or affect your health.

The dream book of Hasse promises a new acquaintance or emotional meeting with a friend. But if the coffee was spilled, it portends failure that happens out of the blue.