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Cognac - Meaning of Dream

If you drink cognac in a luxurious and expensive hotel room, this dream bodes that you will travel to the conference, and you will be able not only to perform well, but also to have first-rate rest.

In many ways, the interpretation of this symbol depends on the taste of the drink. If you feel disgust, when drinking cognac, it tells that you will apple-polish people who always find your fault and express their dissatisfaction.

If you enjoy an exquisite bouquet of brandy, it forebodes that you will receive everything what you wanted in life, and what you aspired to have for a long time.

If you enjoy a drink all by yourself and you are pleased to spend time in such a way, in reality your enemies and competitors will finally leave you alone, and will no longer plague you with their endless demands and dirty tricks.

If you dream of cognac, which is poured by the glass, it is a prediction of idle life, which will lead to impoverishment. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your spending not to be left without anything.

If you present someone a bottle of cognac, in reality you will get a good inheritance or win lots of money in the lottery. Also, after this dream you can try your luck in gambling.

If you drink expensive cognac in the company of friends and eat dishes from overseas, the dream reflects your desire to have good and beautiful life, but if you neglect to execute your duties, you won’t be able to achieve anything.

You should also pay attention to how many stars you see on the bottle of cognac; if five, you will be able to huddle a profitable business through, and this will provide you with a decent future; but if you see two stars - get ready for complete failure.

If you present your friend the cheapest brandy, it tells that your frugality is the subject for jokes of your friends and acquaintances. Some friends even get mad at you for such excessive frugality, but in order to get rid of notoriety, you must force yourself to act more rationally.

If you observe other people drinking cognac and they don’t even offer you to have a drink, this dream is a harbinger of the tragic news. They will really hurt you, and you will have to avoid your friends or lie in front of them for a long time; otherwise you will be the object for jokes and ridiculing.

If you buy several bottles of cognac, this dream tells that your health is threatened with disease, so you better get tested.