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Colander - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a colander, then in real life, all your efforts to achieve the financial well-being, unfortunately, will end up in complete failure. Money will magically disappear like water through the holes of a colander, without giving you a chance to make at least some savings.

If you thoroughly washed pasta through in a colander, this dream predicts that soon you will become a target for idle gossip. Try to find out what the neighbors think of you as their hostility may have a very negative impact.

If you wanted to rinse the pasta through a colander, however, the water didn’t go out for some reason, in reality you will have a secret that you will cherish forever. Be very careful to share your feelings not only with strangers, but also with loved ones, remember: divulging may cost your life.

Colander in Miller’s dream book is a good dream, promising that very soon all your enemies will be eliminated unnoticed and you'll be surrounded by reliable and loyal friends, always ready to come to your aid. If in a dream you used a colander on purpose, for rinsing noodles, it portends that you will plan household purchases. In upcoming future you will have daily cares and worries.

Clean, sparkling white colander predicts that you will have very favorable period, it seems that fate has finally decided to bestow you generously. Dirty colander predicts disappointing future. But you should not get upset, run of bad luck will soon end up and will be replaced by upcoming holidays.

If in a dream you proudly looked at your kitchen utensils and your gaze lingered on the neat colander, it predicts a chicken in every pot; but only on one condition: learn to save money so they do not melt away in unknown direction.