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Colibri - Meaning of Dream

Colibri is a symbol of swiftness and impermanence. With its elegance and speed it draws people’s attention and makes us smile and be enthusiastic. Most often a dream about colibris indicates a joyous occasion.

Generally, birds symbolize freedom and flight. If you hear birds singing, this is a harbinger of good luck. Birds flying in the sky or knocking your window portend news. Wounded bird is a sign of trouble. A chick with wounded wings bodes the end of somebody’s happiness. If the bird is locked in a cage, it indicates the lack of free thoughts, and everyday routine.

If you dream of a colibri that sit on your hand or head, this is a harbinger of unexpected sudden love. If you admire this bird, you will have monetary gain; rarely it leads to rumors and gossip, mostly it is good. If you dream of many hummingbirds, this dream indicates a possible profit.

If you feed the hummingbirds, you will face sadness and a new environment. If you listen to the birds chirping in a dream, you will have a pleasant conversation with your loved ones; sonorous singing forebodes strife.

Birds fight is interpreted as a quarrel among women. If you communicate with birds in a dream, you will be delighted in reality. If you caught a bird on the fly – you will receive a new letter. Falling chick indicates failures. If you killed a bird or found it dead, this is a bad dream.

According to many dream books, a hummingbird lets you free from worries and problems in real life. Now is the time to have fun, relax and finally feel like a happy person.

As we know, there are two directions of happiness. External - good friends, improvement of the living conditions, and successful acquisition. The second direction – is the development of the spiritual path denoted by the perception of knowledge about inner world, own fate and the position in society.

However, inner happiness without outside manifestations, can’t last for long. And if a person has acquired inner peace, he/she can remain in the state of peace even in the harshest conditions. Hummingbird is interpreted as a sign of new times when emotions recede.

Free flight of this bird reflects the rise of your emotional state and the implementation of those long-expected dreams. A dream is a state of mind in which people are transferred to the fragile world of imagination, where you can’t hide the true face. In our dreams we can see a reliable and vivid reality where every dream has its own value and can warn of many troubles.