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Collar - Meaning of Dream

Collar in a dream is a sign of meeting and new useful contacts, as well as acquisition of something big. Be sure to pay attention to the condition of the collar. The cleaner and whiter dreamer’s collar is, the more successful and prosperous the future will be. For a girl to iron collars, means to meet with a prince, whom she had long dreamed of. She just has to not let him go. If you cauterize a collar with the iron, it portends unfortunate acquaintance. Also, you may be disappointed in someone of your new fans or partners.

Collar in the dream book Miller: fur collar is seen by those people who desire to live in luxury. If you have bought a collar yourself, then a prosperous life will begin soon enough. Tear off the collar in a dream signifies about losses. If you torn a collar of somebody of your friends, it foretells that this person may suffer due to your fault.

Vanga said if you see clean and neat collar on some of your close people, it is a signal of upcoming profit and easily development of your business. Lace collars say that your life will have a period of carelessness and romance. In those days, everything is done without much of efforts, and the extra work. If you sew a collar to the dress or other clothes – you will buy something new into your wardrobe. In the near future you will buy a thing which you had long dreamed of, but couldn’t afford. Crumpled and torn collar says that there will be a difficult phase in life: no regular income, loss, frequent illness.

To pour something behind a collar foretells that you will have problems with alcohol.