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Colleague - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a colleague from your real work, this is quite a common image, so do not be surprised. But if a colleague performed some unpleasant actions, this dream suggests that you are dissatisfied with own job. Most likely, at present work place you can not realize full professional potential, or you are just annoyed a lot with your autocratic boss. In any case, such a dream may indicate moral and physical fatigue. Your body can not handle the pressure, and it requires well-deserved rest.

If you see a dream about colleagues very often - surprisingly, but apparently you truly love your job.

Flirting with colleagues hints to be more open and honest; otherwise the others will consider you as a proud and bumptious person.

If you saw a colleague, whom you do not like because of his/her ambitions - this means that soon the management will offer you a responsible job. Do not panic, you are sure to do it in the best way, thereby improving own financial situation.

For women, a colleague predicts the increased attentions from men. If your boss acquaints you with a new colleague, in reality you will demonstrate your creativity and will surprise your loved one.

In Miller’s interpretation, a new colleague portends your great efforts to please a partner. If you dreamed of a colleague whom you hate in reality, it bodes that you will manage a serious project. You shouldn’t be afraid of responsibility, because you will get the job done brilliantly and will receive a well-deserved reward for your work.

If you dreamed of a colleague breaking a coffee cup – get ready to solve the serious problems in business due to the incompetence of your partners. Dispute or quarrel with a colleague foretells unfair insult or humiliation.