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Collective - Meaning of Dream

If you see a collective celebrating someone’s birthday, in reality you will have to solve problems with that person, because he/she will try to defame you with unpleasant and untrue information. In this situation, you should show all your diplomatic skills, or else the scandal can’t be avoided, and you may lose your job.

If you dream of a collective gathered for a corporate holiday, it tells that in reality you will have to work hard, so it is better to take a leave and avoid the routine, in such a way not to arouse the suspicion of the management.

If you dream of a team trying to avoid you, it indicates that nobody likes you at real work as well, and all because you are trying to find a benefit in everything.

The collective is a common symbol, because a person constantly encounters it in reality. But in order to correctly interpret a dream, you will need to remember its atmosphere and people.

If a collective works together for a common cause, it bodes additional responsibilities, because one of the co-workers will be fired. However, your management will be surprised by your additional performance of the duties, and will consider your previous work as wasted time.

A dream about a scandal in the collective may become real, so it is better not to participate in any argues.

Often a collective is seen as a sign of dismissal, so you should do your work better, not to give the reason to your boss to find fault or fire you.

If a collective was hostile with you in a dream, you will decide to quit the job, because you will be offered a new place that will fully satisfy you.

If a collective greets you with a smile in a dream, it bodes that you will be promoted in reality. But many of your colleagues waited for this promotion, so do not be surprised if they will start to spread unflattering gossips about you.

If you received a present from a collective, it indicates that many colleagues do not like you in reality. In this case a collective, can’t be called as a harbinger of good events.