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Coma - Meaning of Dream

In modern dream book if you sink into coma, it indicates that in reality you became inhibited; you stopped showing initiative and this fact was noticed by your boss. If you dreamed not of yourself but of other person in the state of coma, it tells that your work suffers the period of stagnation and your plans are not intended to come true. Support from friends in real life is at zero stage, and alone you can’t cope with difficulties.

In Miller’s dream book, if you found yourself in a ward among people in the state of coma, this dream reflects your extreme embarrassment with the current circumstances. All your means are blind, and you can’t understand the present situation. You are simply drifting without taking any steps to action. Be careful - your competitors can take advantage of the chance to get rid from you forever. You urgently need to get out of the state of passivity, to prove yourself as a reliable employee in the eyes of your boss, and do all possible for enemies and envious to understand that your abilities are worthy. Do not show anyone your bad mood, be active and then no one will hurt you.

According to Vanga’s interpretation, if you sank into coma in a dream, it tells that you admit your weakness, and inability to carry out financial and other important issues. Your fatigue will be a loophole for aggressive enviers, and for all competitors, who have long been trying to get around you in business. In addition, the old and new diseases can be activated.

If you come out of a coma, you will get rid of all the adversities and show everyone that you have enough strength to compete with them. If you saw your friend in a coma, it tells that you will be left alone, without friend’s support.

In Freud's dream book, coma symbolizes the apathy in sexual relations, and it is quite close to break up. Try to renew your feelings with unconventional approach to ordinary things in order to save your marriage and stay with your partner.