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Comb - Meaning of Dream

There are several interpretations that may help understand what comb means. For example, when a dreamer presents a comb to someone, it foretells that they will develop great relationships in real life. Perhaps this person will become a business partner or even a real friend.

If a lady presents a comb to a man, it indicates that she may consider him as a potential lover.

But if someone denied a gift from you and refused angrily, it tells that in real life pay attention to this person, because, most likely, he/she can perform an action that could undermine confidence or even betray. In addition, it will be so unexpected that will cause a big mental trauma to you.

If a dreamer presents a comb to someone he/she does not know, it signifies that he/she wants to control the situation in own life and not to fall under someone’s influence. If a stranger accepts a gift, it means that your life position will be strengthened.

If you slide a comb over your body and see strips, it forebodes that your dreams will come true after as many days as many strips were left from a comb.

First of all, when interpreting a comb, you need to remember how many teeth of a comb you saw. If you saw nine of them, it signifies that you want to achieve something very much, but various factors hinder you. However, if you hold such comb in your hand, it means that soon you will achieve your goal, as you eventually will deal with own problems and get whatever you want.

Receiving a comb with nine teeth as a present, you may expect a meeting with cupid. It hints of possible upcoming love. And this love is unexpected, moreover you will try to treat it rationally without letting your emotions get the better of you, but nothing will work out.

But if you take a comb not because you like it, but only not to hurt the feelings of someone who gave it to you, it means that love in real life will bring mental anguish, and will not last for long.

If you dream of a comb, always remember that this symbol carries more positive values ​​than negative.

Therefore, always try to properly analyze and interpret dreams and remember that besides the common interpretations, each of us can have individual interpretations. Therefore do not treat everything clearly and straightforwardly.