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Comedy - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of a comedy performance in a theater, you should mark to the development of the actions. The more accurate the structure of the play is, the more carefully you should plan your future affairs.

Comedy can also be seen by a person who has to wear a mask in reality for whatever reasons. You don’t know that comedians sometimes wear make-up over the face in tears; and this time you will also have to hold at bay.

Another interpretation says that you should not treat the daily difficulties and problems so seriously, sooner or later you will find a solution. After all, remember the saying that our life is the game. You can live every moment in high spirits, because it is impossible to return the time, and a person can decide how to spend it.

If you dream of comedy, seen on television in the early years, this dream tells that you should bring to notice the attitude to the childhood. The comedy from childhood may reflect the changes that have occurred in person’s character over the years. Or advise to devote more time to the people who have shown their concern in the early years.

It is necessary to remember the content of the comedy itself. Often the behavior of the protagonist may be the key to the problems solution. If he laughed facing the problems – you should carefully consider your attitude to life. If somebody laughed at protagonist, you should think about the fact that public opinion is not the obstacle in the implementation of plans. If you laughed at him - think about your attitude in relation to others, do not hurt people with words or actions.

Dreams are the reflection of our subconscious mind. Also, they can be a warning sign of future troubles. It is important to find an interpretation of certain dream to be warned and take all possible measures.

If you see a comedy in a dream, be ready for favorable development of affairs, but only under the condition that the earlier efforts were not put in vain, and the resources are not wasted on something unimportant and fleeting.

Such a dream also tells that someone of your friends will try to draw you into an adventure. It should be understood that not always such adventures are just fun and exciting, but it can also be fraught with danger and threat.

Do not let you close people influence your decisions with their mercantile goals. On the other hand – you should not be too suspicious, because sometimes it is nice to do good for free. In this case, if a person is sad, sometimes the best solution is to draw him/her into some kind of a fun, carefree adventure, and thus distract from all current worries.

In any case, a comedy is rather a positive sign.