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Comet - Meaning of Dream

According to the French dream book, a dream in which a comet sweeps quickly across the sky is a quarrel, war, famine and disease. If the comet fell on a dreamer, it portends disaster.

If you notice a comet among the stars, the dream tells that you have to get ready for the death of a relative or a friend. A person, who dreamed of a comet, must be careful because this symbol portends negative changes in life. At first you will be left without the source for income, and then your family happiness will collapse.

If a dreamer is going on a trip in reality and saw a comet in a dream, he/she should abandon own plans, as the holiday can turn into a real suffering. It is recommended to avoid all unnecessary spending, because the financial situation will change for the worse. Also, he/she should abandon risky activities because they will not meet the expectations.

Comet is a symbol that can be interpreted in different ways; the main thing is to pay attention to other details of a dream which will help to decipher the hidden message.

Sometimes a comet portends personal growth, which will be seen and appreciated by other people.

If a comet left a black mark behind, in the future something very bad will happen and it will greatly affect your life. Also, this object can promise trials which you have to survive steadfastly, because you won’t have another choice.

But they will be easy to handle, if you demonstrate courage and constantly act upon such pressure; you will reach heights in your career and in personal life.

For a girl, the dream promises anxiety and excitement, but she shouldn’t cry because of unhappy fate, it is better to look at the situation in a positive perspective. Golden comet rushing across the sky heralds unexpected inheritance, which will fall like snow on the head and will be rather big.

Reflecting on the meaning of a comet, you should check several dream books. For example, female oriental dream book treats this image only in a negative way, especially if it appeared in a dream of recently married girl – she will become a widow very soon. A dream interpretation of Hasse portends a year of lots of tests for a young couple, and if they are able to survive, they will never be separate.

If a comet fell to the ground and left a huge crater, then this dream promises new challenges that will not be easy to overcome, but the friends and associates will help in difficult times.

If you dreamed of a green comet, rushing across the sky in broad daylight, it heralds the war, during which a new type of weapon will be applied, so a person is better to change the place of residence and go in a completely different country.