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Comics - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of comics then most likely you will face some changes in personal life. Comics mean that very soon a new person will enter your life. Relations with this person can bring you many pleasant moments and will give your life a new meaning.

If a woman dreamed of comics, it forebodes that she will face the courtesies. And for men, a dream about comics promises upcoming meeting with a nice girl who is an excellent hostess and will be able to create comfort in the house.

If the comics in your dream show the life of people you know in reality, it forebodes that soon you will be taking part in some great celebration. It may be a celebration of a birthday or a chic party on the occasion of the wedding.

If you dreamed of comics about animals, the dream tells that soon you may have a meeting with and old girlfriend or boyfriend.

Basically, a dream about comics portends problems and quarrels. Therefore, after this dream do not fall for provocations and be patient. You must try not to talk too much, because it may compromise you.

If you buy children's comics, it tells that you will have hard times and very little entertainment. If you dream of sexual comics, it indicates that your personal life is not as you would like and your wishes not always come true.

If you draw comics, get ready for the creative impulse that will help you move up the corporate ladder or allow finding a better job.

Now you know what comics mean, there is no need to worry, just get ready for future events. Remember that according to most dream books comics predict mostly fruitless efforts and quarrels, so you need to avoid conflicts and then a few days later you will get unexpected and meritorious award for your patience.