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Commandment - Meaning of Dream

If you hear or read all the ten biblical commandments in a dream, it is evidence that in foreseeable future you will make a fatal mistake, and its consequences will spoil your life and life of your family for the next few years. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to rectify this error neither independently nor with the help of experienced and wise people.

A dream, in which you wanted to read the biblical commandment and you searched for the Bible, but instead of it you found some tabloid newspaper or a book for easy reading and after all you forgot about your original purpose carried away with reading, is a warning that some of the features of your character, namely: excessive carelessness, bigotry, irresponsibility and inability to focus on the significant matter, someday will cause a lot of trouble.

Right now you should try to escape from these qualities and develop responsibility, cautiousness and the habit to follow through the undertakings; or else you will face losses and disappointments in foreseeable future.

If you dreamed as if you were a prophet and you wrote your own commandments and read them to a crowd of people at the same time calling everyone to believe in your higher purpose, it bodes that in reality you will decide to be involved in matters that go beyond your competence. Your excessively ambitious aspirations will cause conflict with colleagues, so they will intrigue you trying to make you leave.