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Compensation - Meaning of Dream

According to the famous dream books and their interpreters, a dream, in which you see some money transaction, in particular compensation, means that in the coming days you need to relax and not to pay attention to provocations especially small ones. Better avoid your enemies, try not to talk too much and do not do anything that could compromise you or interpret your behavior in ambiguous manner.

Meaning of the dream, in which there is compensation can foretell failures of efforts and quarrels, but if you try not to conflict, in a few days you will receive an unexpected reward for your patience.

Dreaming is nothing more than a reflection of our reality and the inner world, which is able to direct us on the right path in life. If you are seriously thinking over a question what compensation means in a dream, you will certainly have a look into the depths of your soul. Perhaps, you will discover that greed and indifference has settled in it. In such case, you have to call your loved ones, give them a piece of your attention and love. And be sure to make a material donation to people in need (boarding school, nursing home, poor people).

A dream about compensation provides an opportunity to do good in a difficult and cruel time. In general, such a dream is a positive sign. A dream where you see yourself compensating something is a symbol of wealth and security in the near future.

If somebody compensates you, it is a sign that you have missed a chance or a profitable business in the past.

If you don’t expect for compensation but someone provides it to you, it means that you will have unexpected joy. This dream represents a way out of the debt trap, prosperity in business, a successful purchase, wellbeing in the family, increase of salary.

If you count the money of your compensation, it means a change for the better in relations of people who have quarreled. If you reject to pay compensation it is a signal that you are currently demonstrating stinginess towards your relatives and friends, and not in the monetary sense (stinginess for emotions and attention).

In specific cases a dream, in which you observe a process of compensation, mainly foreshadows the futility of the financial and economic plans, whether it is purchase of home appliances, bank deposits or a decision to take the credit.

However, most often these dreams promise success in the economic sphere, if only you can reasonably use your funds. Dreams about any kind of compensation make a sleeping person think about the financial situation and get rid of needless expenses.