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Compote - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of compote being cooked, this dream promises a new alliance, which will be very strong and will bring many benefits to all parties. The dreamer shouldn’t miss the chance, or else he/she will have to wait for a very long time, and it means that he/she will face financial difficulties, which will be hard to solve without the help of third parties.

If compote tasted delicious and sweet, in reality a dreamer will meet a young lady who will catch his heart and soul; he will not demonstrate own feelings for a long time, but when it happens, the girl will reciprocate, and the relationship will develop into a happy marriage. Therefore, he should not delay own confession, and tell about the feelings at the first convenient moment.

Compote may herald bad and good events, the main thing is to remember other elements of a dream, and then the interpretation will be complete.

If you dream of compote, you will have to put up with a new friend, but it will not be very easy. His personal benefit is most important for him, therefore communicate less with him and do not have this man join your business, because there is a chance of being cheated.

If you drink compote, a dream says that all your attempts to renew relations with former love will be futile, because the trust was lost long ago, and it is precisely the main thing which makes the union. In this case it is better to step back and go the other way, because in the future it will be possible to meet more interesting people.

If in a dream a stranger drinks compote, then in reality you will have to break off relations with your friend, since nothing connects you together anymore.

In modern dream book compote promises disappointing news, but only if the person got burned with hot drink; if it is pleasant to the taste, the dream bodes pleasant news. Dream book of Miller portends a good deal if a dreamer treats someone with this drink. Another dream book says that this dream symbolizes chaos and confusion, and advises to be careful when signing important documents.

If you saw someone got poisoned with compote, it tells that in reality you have to offer excuses to your boss for failures and mistakes, so you should take own responsibilities more seriously, otherwise you risk being fired.

If compote was poured into a wine glass, it foretells the celebration where you can show off extraordinary intelligence and wit, so it should not be missed. If you accidently poured compote on your clothes, it foreshadows minor troubles that will be easily solved.