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Computer - Meaning of Dream

If you play a computer game in a dream, it is possible that you will lose a close friend because of your inattention. According to another interpretation, a dream about computer is a warning about a possible threat. Changes, which will happen to you in the near future, will bring disappointment or dissatisfaction. A transaction concluded recently, may fail if you do not take any immediate action. In such situation it is enough to seek help from a close friend or a reliable companion to solve all the difficult issues. The main thing is to find the courage to take the first step and to share concerns with the close people, who always help with advice or deed.

The third interpretation of a dream about computer has a positive meaning: the dream indicates an exciting adventure or a journey which will happen in your life very soon. It's time to seriously think about the rest in nature. In addition, if your affairs were unsuccessful recently, such dream means that now everything will change for better.

In today's world of high technology dreaming of computer is nothing to be surprised about. It is important to correctly interpret a dream, in order to draw all the important information from it. There are several interpretations of a dream about computers.

Due to the first interpretation, this dream is a sign of utmost importance. It concerns first of all the work, business, and represents a huge potential, which you must be able to correctly demonstrate; or a large amount of information, which you need to learn how to use for own benefit. In this case, whatever you see on the monitor (screen image), it reflects your reality of what happens in your real life, and what your mind is currently busy with.

If you dream that before work with a computer you see a virus protection program launched on the screen, then this dream indicates a need to be very careful when performing important tasks. Working without anti-virus software on your computer in the dream is an evidence of recklessness and levity. This can be potentially dangerous, so it's best to get together and approach the matter more seriously.

If you work on the computer, solve some equations, it means that you will be successful in the near future; you will experience the improvement of income (salary increase) and social recognition (by colleagues and, most importantly, by management). You should take decisive steps to quickly bring this happy moment.

If you dream of a broken computer or the one having defects, it is likely that you will experience regress in business and temporary turmoil at work or in your personal life. You should look for the cause of such situation in yourself, cast doubts and rebuild relationships with others, in order to eliminate the possibility of an unfavorable outcome.

If you turn on a computer in a dream, it indicates your willingness to take on a new venture, strongly and irreversibly start a new affair.

A dream, in which a computer is shutdown, indicates a subconscious desire to get rid of annoying problems and challenges. In such case, it is necessary to think about the holiday or time off at least for a short time.

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