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Confectionary - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you went to the confectionary to buy sweets, often this dream heralds the upcoming problems related to health. No need to resort to old-fashioned methods and self-medication at home. Be sure to consult a good doctor who will decide on you treatment.

In general, any purchase warns a dreamer, and if you decided to buy candy, then in reality you need to be careful when traveling, so as not to break own bones. A driver after this dream should be very careful while driving; the pregnant woman should take vitamins to prevent a miscarriage; and a sick person should timely think about changes in the method of treatment.

If you saw yourself buying sweets in confectionary, it bodes that you will suddenly feel unwell and weak in upcoming future. Therefore, after this dream you should be examined.

Sometimes this dream indicates mean people in your environment, which will disappoint you. Or you will make a purchase, which later you will regret about, because the thing is obviously unnecessary and the money is just wasted.

If you bought a giant candy, it is a sign of upcoming fun in real life. However, the conclusion of the entertainment is unknown. This dream advises the person not to be frivolous, because such a behavior can spoil the reputation. If during a party you will be offered a large amount of alcohol, it is best to refuse in order not to get into trouble.

Sometimes buying confectionery portends disappointment with the actions and behavior of a loved one.

If you got the candy but didn’t pay a penny, this is a favorable dream. It is seen by those people, who plan to control own actions and deeds. All of this will make a person more successful.

If you buy a big box of chocolates, it portends family happiness and well-being. A small box of chocolates indicates small family joys.

Sometimes, the acquisition of sweets reflects the absence of vivid emotions in dreamer’s life; therefore a dreamer needs to do everything to make real life full of impressions and pleasant moments. The monotony and boredom can make you sick.

Chocolates reflect true friends in real life. If you bought candy and immediately begin to eat them with pleasure, this dream promises longevity and happy friends who will be pleasant to communicate with.

Also, this dream warns that the relationships need to be developed not only because a person is beautiful, it is also necessary to take into account the inner world of a partner.