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Conspiracy / Plot - Meaning of Dream

The plot in a dream symbolizes unpleasant chores in reality. You will have to involve all your friends, in order to solve the difficult situation, in which you were trapped on your fault.

If you unearth a plot against you in a dream, it signals of the fact that you won’t miss even the smallest detail that could hurt you in business, both in financial and personal.

If you push someone to tamper in a plot, and skillfully organize it against someone you know, it reflects your dishonest methods of conducting business in reality. It is clearly seen to other people, and they do not welcome such behavior.

According to Miller, if you hear that someone lays a plot against you, it tells that your loved ones in real life are disingenuous with you and they are plotting something bad. Such dreams are seen as a herald of strong quarrels in the family, and even the betrayal on the part of the spouse.

If you incubate a plot, it tells that your love relations will soon finish. If you use someone’s help in conspiracy when dreaming, it tells that you are not able to cope with the situation and you will need to resort to the help of others, and sometimes undertake dishonest methods of cash in. In the dream, it does not matter whether you were a participant, an organizer or a victim of the conspiracy, in any case, the success will be hard to achieve.

Vanga interpreted an anti-government conspiracy and participation in it as a sign that some important events will veer out of control, and you will make a series of fatal mistakes, but won’t be able to do anything about it. Your carelessness will cost you dearly. If in a dream you become the object of a criminal conspiracy, it portends the loss of financial profits and failure in business. Look closer, perhaps some of your colleagues has already set up the traps around you.

Freud believed that being a victim of conspiracy, is a herald of implementation of unconscious sexual desires. Your physical dissatisfaction has the way in the dreams. When communicating with your partner try not to hide your desires, and talk about things that you like, even if it seems too delusional and immodest, that is how you will surely get what you want.