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Conversation - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you have a conversation with somebody – be ready for a new acquaintance. After such a dream it is desirable to meet new people and to broaden own range of vision. Self improvement and development has never been excessive for better status of a person.

To hear somebody’s conversation means that you need to fight for your interests in life. Your success depends on you.

To have a conversation during a dinner, this dream interpretation warns you to pay attention to your health. There are possible diseases of digestive tract.

Simple family conversation means that you will strengthen your position in front of others.

To talk to pleasant people or friends means that information which you will receive will be completely useless. If people are new or unknown – be ready for something important and useful, which will play a major role in your life.

Sudden encounter and conversation with a friend means that only conflicts with your family can disappoint you in life.

If you have a conversation with your mom – be ready for good news about important affair for you.

To have a conversation with God, this dream interpretation warns you about not being accepted by surrounding, and critics from others.