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Cook - Meaning of Dream

Cooking food in a dream reflects any activities, whether it's performance of official or home duties; creative work will have fruitful results, maybe not at the same day, but soon. Another meaning of this dream is expectation of close and pleasant guests.

It is not enough to know what cooking means; you should also remember when the food was coked. For example, it is considered as an auspicious sign if you cook lunch. All affairs will be clarified in the future, and problems will be resolved, unclear situations will acquire precision and clarity.

If you dream that you cook breakfast, it portends a trap. Cooking dinner is a spiritual decay, bad thoughts.

Another important aspect of a dream is what products you cook, and in what mood. For example, cooking in good mood is a harbinger of merry holiday or wedding.

If you cook potato dishes in a dream, it heralds good and rewarding job. Meat, as the main ingredient in the preparation of food is a signal that on the way to success someone will overcome you and will reach the finish line before you.

If you brew coffee in a dream, you will have success and good luck in your undertakings.

If you prepare a cocktail, it bodes a company of unpleasant people or friends. Cutting sausage is a sign of success in business.

Cooking dumplings foretells acquisition of new friends with benefit.

To fry sunflower seeds in a dream tells that you need to hope for better even if everything seems bad and gloomy.

To bake pancakes portends sensual pleasures and enjoyment.

To cook meal with fruits (jam) signals of home peace, rest, and comfort.

If you are cooking marmalade, it warns of approaching illness, emotional dissatisfaction, and domestic quarrels.

If you have to cook porridge in a dream, it is an omen of improvement of relations with the household or close relatives.

If you cook food easily and safely, it signifies that in reality everything goes well. If something goes wrong in the process of cooking, then in reality there will be obstacles in achieving the objectives. Any failure or restlessness during a dream will be a harbinger of worries and problems of a day.