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Corkscrew - Meaning of Dream

Forward motion of a corkscrew in a dream indicates the progress in your business. If you see the corkscrew spinning in the opposite direction, then be ready for delays and obstacles in affairs. If you dream that a corkscrew stuck and it does not move, then your business will stagnate. If you dream that you are trying to open a bottle, but a cork cracked because of a bad movement or direction of spin, in real life, you will make a fatal mistake that will prevent the implementation of your plans.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you dream that you hold a corkscrew, intending to open a bottle, it indicates your dissatisfaction of mind. Anyone who sees this dream should perceive it as a warning to moderate own desires, because, apparently, they have something that carries a threat to the health or well-being. Dreaming that you broke a corkscrew while using it portends danger. You have to accumulate all will-power and energy to get rid of vicious tendencies.

Corkscrew in a modern dream book. Corkscrew in dreams is a symbol of the upcoming difficulties and deadlock condition. If you dream of a broken corkscrew, it is a sign of dangerous activities in which you take a direct part. If you broke a corkscrew - a dream warns that your insatiable desires could cause a big problem, which will be a reason of both material losses and deteriorating health.

Corkscrew is seen in a dream by those people who do not want to proceed on the straight road, look for detours and use little tricks on the way to achieving own goals.

Corkscrew in a dream book by Vanga. In the dream you open a clay wine bottle with a corkscrew, and spent a lot of time for that, it means that you should be ready for harm done by your relatives or friends. If you twist a corkscrew, it is a sign that you will come unscathed out of the battle, no matter how difficult are the case and the circumstances you will be able to fulfill your plans.

Corkscrew in Freud's dream book. If you use a corkscrew in a dream, it is a sign that someone is actively looking for an opportunity to come to terms with you, or to find a common language and to ingratiate himself/herself. Deliberately breaking a corkscrew in a dream means a breakup of the present intimate relations.

Difficulty in opening the corks of wine indicates the obstacles in achieving goals. Be careful, most likely envious people will try to throw a monkey-wrench into your affairs, don’t let it happen.

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