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Corn - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of corn being sown - in fact you will have to work hard in order to earn good money, thus you should not look for an easy work, you must correctly address your energy and only then you will enjoy a lot of money.

If a dreamer was happy about the rich harvest of corn, in reality he/she will have to repel the attacks of the enemies. Perhaps, it will be successful, but there will appear more enemies and a dreamer will have to continue working in the same vein, because this is the only way to stay afloat and get untainted.

If you walk in a field of young corn, the dream bodes upcoming dramatic life changes, most likely marriage; moreover you will not regret of this hasty decision. If you observe the corn stalk and see a lot of ears, this dream promises you to have beautiful children.

Corn is a good symbol that often promises wealth, so in order to make it come true - do not retell your dream to anyone. Your future will be profitable, and you will become a rich and influential person. If you shell the corn, in reality you experience fun and success.

If you see other people collecting corn, soon you will rejoice at your loved ones success. Also, this may be an omen of a trip, from which a dreamer will come back as a rich man, and later will be able to open own business and succeed, leaving all competitors and enviers behind.

Modern dream book promises new friends who will support a dreamer in depression. Dream book of Miller portends riches and honor that will be easily gained - you just should not be lazy.

Lasse’s dream book promises happy pastime that will distract a dreamer from the cares and anxieties, so the offer of friends to go somewhere shouldn’t be refused. Porridge of maize heralds acquaintance with a new girl friend that will be pleasant to communicate with. You can trust her all your secrets, even those cherished for the lifetime.