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Cornflowers - Meaning of Dream

If you pick up cornflowers in your dream – be ready for changes in life.

If you smell cornflowers, the dream means that you will become poor. Now you know how to avoid it, but you don’t do anything for that.

If you make garland with cornflowers, the dream warns you about possible diseases and troubles.

Field of knapweed in a dream means that in real life you will drink and have entertainments.

You see a bouquet of cornflowers in a dream, it means that you will have a lot of admirers.

Love interpreter of cornflower. For girls, this flower is the epitome of their lovers. In a dream cornflower can be a reminder of your soul mate or may be a reflection of your emotional outbursts.

To pick up knapweed in a dream means that in reality you will have a long conversation with a loved one.

If someone had torn a knapweed and threw it on the road, it means that your feelings towards your loved one had faded, but it will be renewed again after a brief separation.

If you trample on cornflowers and tear them, it indicates unreasonable anger and nervous breakdown.

If you had a cornflower in a dream, it suggests that having sex with your partner can be defined as following: simple but tasteful. To pluck cornflowers in a dream means that soon your life will start changing. The changes will be connected to a new partner who will be simple and naive.

See yourself in the early morning surrounded by many ​​cornflowers, it means that in reality you will be in a place where you will experience a great aesthetic pleasure.

In the dream you are in the field of cornflowers tearing these flowers and your hands are full of them - get ready for some loss, in some cases, even death of a loved one.