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Corridor - Meaning of Dream

If you had a dream about a corridor, you should take a closer look at the others, perhaps someone of your acquaintances is unfriendly, and this will entail a betrayal or deceit. Do not take to heart this dream, but display vigilance. It is also important to take a balanced decision, carefully consider the steps to analyze the advice of a close surrounding.

Most often a corridor is seen by people who have certain doubts and search for difficult but promising solution to own problems. It is no coincidence that a corridor in this case is a symbol of direction, which will inevitably lead to the desired goal.

If a person dreams of a dark and gloomy corridor, it does not portend future disaster or other serious problems. You may have to go through deep meditation to make an informed decision.

If you wander in a dark long corridor, experience anxiety and fear, and after awakening you still feel uncomfortable - do not be afraid of this feeling, it is better to focus on important issues, current work and family concerns.

If a corridor appears in your dreams very often, it indicates a long period of difficulties in your personal life. If this dream haunts a married woman, perhaps her marriage is threatened, and it is highly desirable to strive for a more open and trusting relationship; she shouldn’t get isolated, and be left alone with own problems.

For a man a corridor with bright light at the end can predict an upcoming promotion. This dream brings only good hopes and prospects.

If a corridor with the light at the end is seen by unmarried girl, it bodes that very soon she will meet her loved one. For a girl, who received a proposal, a long bright corridor portends happy married life.

Often a corridor is a scary image for elderly people. However, this is not quite right response. This dream doesn’t predict a disaster, but it makes a person treat own health more carefully and responsibly, and most importantly to communicate more with the younger generation, not to focus on the bad state of health, and spend more time outdoors.

For most people a corridor seen in a dream could also mean a change in life, but it is a minor event, such as a business trip, apartment renovation, and major purchase.

Dirty, poorly lit corridor is likely to be a sign of financial loss or theft. Pondering over the meaning of a corridor, you should recall whether it was straight or similar to a maze. If you got lost in a maze, very soon you may receive some unexpected news. Straight corridor is usually a pleasant dream and rapid resolution of the dispute or long lasting conflict.

Corridor in a dream portends minor changes in life and worries about the state of health. This dream suggests interesting and unexpected news, and meeting with new people, which can be fatal. More often this dream leads to the changes of official position, business trips, and business meetings.