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Corset - Meaning of Dream

If you found yourself wearing a corset in a dream, it tells that recently you became a victim of own curiosity, and now can’t find a way out of the situation. Sometimes an image of corset can be interpreted as a symbol revealing any secrets.

If you try a corset on, this is an omen of impending wedding. However, more often these dreams predict small troubles, discontent with own abilities, negative emotions in the future, worries and fears. Yet you shouldn’t exaggerate the significance of such dreams; it's just a clue to potential problems, and the method to prevent them timely; it is the assistant on the way to inner balance and peace.

A corset is often a herald of emotional productivity-challenged features, and the desire to take a break in relationship. It is likely that such a dream is a consequence of fatigue, resulting in a feeling of tightness and stiffness. It may be the result of difficult relationships with friends and family, the problems with boss and superior people.

Sometimes you see a corset as a result of deliberation over long lasting concerns that do not have a definite explanation at the moment a; or a stressful situation which continues for a long time.

This dream symbolizes the moral overload, the desire to stop and think about all the exciting and painful moments. There is a need to come down to the point with unusual approach that will help to solve old problems.

The dreams of this kind are intended only to draw attention to some previously missed moments and facts; there is no need to be seriously worried about such a dream. Corset portends minor misunderstanding with friends or relatives.

If you put it on or take it off, this dream indicates the possible intrigues, machinations, deceptions. After such a dream, it is recommended to pay attention to the relationships within the family, in order to avoid conflicts, or prevent them in time.

Also, it is worthy to take a closer look to the relationship with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. For a young girl the irritation related to the wrong corset can mean a negative attitude towards someone of her friends, and readiness to quarrel, even if unfounded.

In private life a corset may be an omen of misunderstanding, and sudden courtship from the long-forgotten man; different kind of surprise or emotional turmoil.