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Cosmetics - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of pleasant smells of cosmetics, it forebodes a joyful meeting with a good person. If the smell is unpleasant, it portends a boring or stressful conversation or a quarrel.

According to family dream book, a large amount of cosmetics, seen in a dream, may mean that a person spends a lot of money on useless entertainment.

If you dream of visiting the cosmetologist, it tells that your efforts to attract the person whom you like will be useless.

If you buy cosmetics, you will unexpectedly meet an influential and wealthy admirer who will make your life like a fairy tale and will fulfill any whim.

The purchase of large quantities of very expensive cosmetics can indicate your desire to rise in esteem, to change your position, or climb the social ladder.

If you remove your makeup, it reflects your insincerity with other people; but the advantage is – that you will realize the harm of such behavior and will soon change it.

If a lady is engaged in applying the make-up, on the contrary, she should stop being too frank and vivid with own feelings, she should show restraint. A large number of cosmetic items may portend some health problems.

According to modern dream book, if you purchase cosmetics, you will receive unexpected pleasant surprise or a gift.

If you are a doctor-cosmetologist, it could mean an unexpected turn of current affairs. Applying makeup to anyone or watch someone getting makeup, means that there is a deceiver in your environment.

If you saw a lipstick, it portends upcoming dating or business negotiations; for girls, this is a sign of the amorous adventures. If you dream of a blush, you will be greatly surprised in life. If you lost your blush, in reality you will be experiencing a feeling of awkwardness, confusion, and inability to decide quickly.

In general, cosmetics do not mean anything bad. Most often, it is a reflection of the reality and a little caution about some small errors in daily behavior. A person, who saw this dream, should not worry and look for something negative, he/she just needs to reconsider own actions.