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Court - Meaning of Dream

Court in the dream symbolizes worries and troubles associated with both professional occupational and personal life. There may be a problem requiring specialist intervention. This problem may affect sexual life as well. In this case, you will surely need to consult a professional.

If a woman dreams of herself in a court, then very soon she will have to suffer the breakup with a partner.

Dreaming that you are a lawyer in court means that you have to solve some important matters. If you have an appointment in court, it means that you should be ready for minor quarrels in the family, which may provoke a scandal and lead the situation to a divorce.

If your child says that he/she is going to become a lawyer, such dream indicates your ignorance in many issues. Moreover, you don’t realize it, and will get to know about it in the most inappropriate moment.

If you are offered to change your present profession and to start working in court, it means that you will have a serious conversation.

If you see a lawyer in a court in a dream, it indicates a true situation in life, where you will have to defend your rights, possibly in court.

If you dream of court, then most likely, you will need to receive a good practical advice. There are also problems associated with the law. Therefore, you should be careful and refrain from questionable transactions and dangerous affairs.

Being a lawyer in a dream, it means that someone of your friends will ask you for an advice. Or, you will give them a contact of an influential person.

If you argue in a court with a lawyer, it is a signal that you will have problems with the law. If, however, you see your friend as a lawyer in court, it means that in the near future he/she will surprise you with own intelligence and erudition.

If you dream that a lawyer gives you useful advices, it means that you will have to face an upcoming danger. Legal advice in a dream can turn into real advice from your beloved.

You should pay particular attention to the dream, in which you see and speak with unpleasant people or enemies in court. It is better to trust only to your friends and loved ones, who have more experience and wiser then you, do not ignore their advice. However, no matter what advice you listen to, it is better to make a decision independently.

If you are afraid that the dream can come true, you can tell about it to your close people. The dream may be interpreted differently and your fears may be groundless.

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