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Cousin (He) - Meaning of Dream

At the moment the process of a dream remains a mystery. Some scientists believe that dreams are associated with brain activity, and we see mostly what we think of. Others scientists say that dreams are movies in our brain where the main character is a dreamer.

If to believe the authors of the modern dream book, the cousin in a dream is a bad sign. Chances are that you face misery, woe, and quarrels with relatives.

Family dream book has a different interpretation - cousin bodes misunderstanding with a partner.

It is important to note that all the information accumulated over many years in the collections of dreams can’t give 100% correct interpretation of the dreams, as from a scientific perspective it is impossible. Thus, we can say that all foretells have their knowledge on a mystical basis, the predictions by the stars.

The dream of a cousin, according to downers from A to Z foretells bad events and recognition of own mistakes. To talk to him portends suffering from something in real life.

According to the Dream Book of Simon the Zealot, cousin means good relations, friendship with positive person.Interpretation of the dream by Solomon has no difference from Simon the Zealot.

According to one of the women’s dream books, cousin in a dream foretells sorrow, disappointment, quarrel or break up with close relatives.

Based on these findings it can be assumed that a cousin foretells something bad. There are other interpretations of this dream, but the meaning is almost the same.