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Cousin (She) - Meaning of Dream

Sometimes if you dreamed of a cousin, it warns of unfortunate events. Most likely you will ask forgiveness from somebody you have offended recently.

A dream about a cousin promises troubles. If you see that you are talking with your cousin, this dream means that you will suffer from anxiety and fear about some unfortunate events. Such a dream is most likely to be seen at night from Thursday to Friday.

If a cousin is sick in a dream, it bodes that your anxiety will soon be realized. But if you see that your cousin has recovered you will do a quite good purchase.

Correspondence with a cousin in a dream (email or letter with envelope) means complete destruction of the existing relations between her family and your family.

If you dreamed of several cousins, this dream warns that you need to be careful with your body. It promises cuts, broken bones and other serious injuries.

Sometimes you can see cousins as a sign of memories from childhood.

If you quarrel with her, it is an omen of the collapse of all hopes that have been associated with the future. All forthcoming plans and expectations can’t be realizable.

Farewell with a cousin in a dream means beginning of the time in real life when you have to count only on yourself and your strength. Assistance from outside will not come. However, Ukrainian dream book interprets the dream about cousin positively. It is a sign of happiness and unexpected gift.

Dream book of the 21st century interprets cousin as following: irritation, anger, lies, gossip, resentment and a sense of guilt.

If a cousin is dreamed by one of the lovers - they will have to quarrel over nothing or break up for some time. If this dream is seen by an elderly man - soon he will have unwanted guests, who may cause a lot of headache and other ailments.

A person, who is on a business trip, sees a cousin in a dream as a harbinger of grief. On arrival home, he finds a bad mood among family members, and conflicts won’t be avoided. This controversy can be both with his wife and children.

If you dream that a cousin closes the door, and goes in unknown direction or disappears, it's a good dream. In reality all the diseases and difficulties remain behind.

Sometimes cousin in a dream wants to warn that a relative have not talked with her for long.

If a husband or a wife dreams of a happy cousin, it warns of uncertainty in the relationship.

Studding together with a cousin promises unexpected losses.

Betrothal of a cousin indicates oppressive control over someone close.