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Cow - Meaning of Dream

A herd of cows may warn you about events that have occurred but you do realize anything yet. If a herd belongs to you, the dream tells that your financial state will improve.

If you feed all your cows in a dream, you will face your real enviers. It is possible that gossips of detractors will spoil your reputation; it will bring trouble in personal life and career, and will lead to more conflicts. If you take care for the animals on the farm – you will face unusual circumstances very soon, which will be beneficial for you.

A cow chasing a dreamer portends enemies’ tricks and all sorts of surprises that will appear very soon. If you escaped the attacking animal, it tells that in reality the detractors will not be able to hurt you. A cow apt to gore is an indication that emotions and fervor are harmful in business. If the cows are butting each other, this is a prediction of luck.

This useful animal has always been loved and appreciated by people, and such dreams normally do not cause discomfort. But a cow may have a wide variety of interpretations.

If you saw of a beautiful, quiet, well-fed cow walking on the grass, this is a prediction of positive changes. You will have a unique opportunity to change the situation and it is vital not to miss the moment.

Milking a cow predicts the implementation of the biggest dreams. If you fed an animal, it tells that the improvement of the current situation requires a lot of efforts.

If you see a cow chewing the grass, it states that someone puts hopes and expectations upon you, which are likely to remain unfulfilled. A cow with a star on its forehead portends a guest, whom you’ve been waiting for a long time.

The search for a lost cow can indicate problems with children, striving for independence. Cow calving predicts misfortune for a man; and difficult labor for a woman.

Drinking cow's milk in a dream indicates health problems. A black cow is a sign of health deterioration and financial losses; if you milk a black cow, it causes tears. Slim and underfed animal can predict poverty.

For men, a cow in a dream is a sign of stupid and unpleasant woman. If you dream of a milkmaid, you will face the hostility of a woman whom you like. If a woman sees a cow - she feels that she has been used.

A large bull in the men's dreams symbolizes own sexual desire, and in women’s - indicates hostility to the partner. If you dreamed of a cow, remember that this animal remains the symbol of prosperity; maybe soon the affairs will develop better.