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Cowberry - Meaning of Dream

Cowberry in a dream is related to unverified and unreliable information that can very badly affect dreamer’s business or affairs.

If you see yourself on a swamp while gathering cowberries, it means that soon you will move out.

If you drink cowberry juice or compote with pleasure, this dream foretells minor troubles related to your intimate life. Most likely, a person whom you dislike, will try to seduce you to intimate relations. Anyways, try to be polite with this person, because rude refusal can cause troubles that may affect your family and children.

If you cooked compote with fresh cowberries, it means that at an early date you will become the object of gossip. Your enemies will to dig up the dirt on you and will pull you to pieces.

According to the dream book by Miller if you see that you stand on a beautiful green meadow with cowberries, it means that your financial situation will change to the good.

If you pick up cowberries into improper container and berries get smashed, it's a warning: your attempts to implement good plans and deeds will lead to great misfortune. Remember the adage " the road to hell is paved with good intentions ".

Dreaming of many green berries means that it is time not to rush and damp own ardour.

If you stained your favorite clothes with cowberry juice and you don’t know how to remove the stain, this dream means that a person who caused you a lot of grief will avoid the deserved punishment.

If you see ripe cowberries, it means that at the moment you have a very good mood. You are satisfied with your lives, and optimistic about the future willing to help colleagues in the most unrealistic projects. If you wanted to treat a loved one with cowberries but he/she refused, it looks like your feeling are over and you think about the break.

If you eat a cowberry, it means that the condition of your health will get better.

The dream in which you pick up or buy cowberry – for a lady means pregnancy, for a man – means increase in property.

In a dream you sell cowberry, it signifies the situation in which you will be upset.