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Cradle - Meaning of Dream

In general, a cradle has a symbolic meaning of care and guardianship. An old looking cradle that resembles your first own bed, tells that you will ask for the help of loved ones.

A new cradle in your dream is an indication that you like to take care of someone and therefore you will happily support your family.

If you stand next to the cradle and observe a beautiful smiling baby, this is quite a good sign that promises material prosperity, the successful development of all undertakings and happy life. Also, you will enjoy a good attitude of your little children and close friends; the kids wish to be like you when they grow up.

If you rocked a cradle in a dream, but the baby couldn’t fall asleep, get ready for unfortunate events that will overtake your family. One of your relatives will be seriously ill, and the full recovery requires a lot of efforts, money and time.

For girls, sitting next to cradle promises moral lapse and blame for their behavior in society. Probably, a few of friends will turn their backs, because enemies will gossip about errors significantly changing the facts.

According to Miller, if a girl rocks an empty cradle, this is a very bad omen, foreboding dishonor and severe suffering. This dream warns to be especially careful not to share the details of personal life with others, or else gossips may blacken her reputation in the eyes of friends.

If you rocked a beautiful baby lying in the cradle, it portends that the results of your deeds will please you and friends will put you as an example to their children. A dream as if you rocked own child in the cradle, indicates that one of your family members will face misfortune or hard curable disease.

For unmarried men, a cradle portends unsuccessful marriage, and the desire to be a bachelor for life. For married men, an empty cradle is a herald of divorce or difficult relationships.