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Crane - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a flying crane, it is a harbinger of new, more often good. This may be an unexpected arrival of relatives from afar, or the long-awaited birth of a baby. But if you saw the cranes, which flew to the north - it's a bad dream, predicting failures in commercial matters. The money will magically disappear to nowhere, so in the near future it is not recommended to invest in the business projects.

The cranes flying south, predicts the visit of friends or relatives. If you see they sit on the ground, then soon you will have an unusual surprise or events, most likely - joyful.

If the cranes flew up into the sky, a dreamer should get ready for the trouble, which will appear in the lives of the younger family members or will directly affect himself/herself.

The singing of a crane promises the rapid career advancement or promotion.

If you had a quite amusing dream in which a crane climbed under your clothing, this is an extremely auspicious sign, promising the addition to the family.

If you let a crane fly in the sky, it tells that luck will accompany you in all endeavors, just do not miss it because of own stupidity.

In a dream you flew on the crane - in reality you will quickly move up the career ladder.

If you saw the marriage dance of the cranes – be ready for the fateful meeting with the future husband (wife).

If a flying crane did circles in the sky, this dream bodes that all your cherished dreams will be implemented into reality; you just have to wait a bit. For people in love this dream foretells devotion and loyalty of a partner. Try to make every effort to strengthen your relationship, do not hesitate to openly express own feelings, surround your partner with sincere care and love will never disappear from your relations.

According to the dream book of Miller the dream about cranes have the same meaning as it was stated before. Cranes flying to the north - do not count on success in affairs that are related to business. If they fly south - it is a good sign, promising the meeting with old friends. The cranes on the ground herald the onset of extraordinary events, so do not be surprised if something strange will happen to you in upcoming future.