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Crawfish - Meaning of Dream


In the dream, crawfish can be seen in many interpretations, but more interesting and emotional is the dream in which you see crawfish alive, because they may behave very differently, and the interpretation of dreams depends on that.

A dream in which you see a lot of crawfish and they just creep, can be interpreted in different ways, it all depends on what is happening in a person's life. If you plan to travel, it will still be a surprise for you, as you will have to start it much earlier. Also, after seeing such dream, you have to be prepared to face the enemy, bad news and inability to fulfill own desires for some time.

If you dream of living crawfish with huge claws, this dream foretells unexpected help from a stranger in some affairs.

If you dream of crawfish trying to climb on you, or want to pinch with the claw, it means that soon you might receive a serious disease that will weaken the body. You will be able to avoid or get rid of the disease, if in a dream you managed to shake off the crawfish, and they ran away. However, in that case it is better to consult with a doctor to check the body.

If you dream of live crawfish that crawl everywhere, but do not attack, it means that you have to be ready for gossip which is spread by close people. To avoid unpleasant conversations, you need to carefully select your friends, and try to tell secrets of your personal life to a limited group of people.

Crawfish that are crawling in different directions, such dream means that you will have to abandon a profitable business. You will regret about that later on, but will be unable to do anything in order to change the situation.

The dream of live crawfish which are fighting with each other, predicts financial problems, bankruptcy and even poverty, risky affair will collapse and will only bring losses.

In rare cases, you may dream that you are eating live crawfish, if this happens, it is a bad sign, which warns that you shouldn’t get under influence of other people, and you should always have your own opinion.

If you dream of red crawfish, it means that in the near future you will news, which will bring disappointment. If they are aggressive and attack, then you will have a pleasant meeting with friends, which will be remembered for a long time.

A dream in which you try to catch crawfish, but your attempts are unsuccessful, means that you will face sorrows and losses, or may be separated from your loved one. The most dangerous dream that portends serious illness or even death is when you cook or bake crawfish yourself, but more often it says about grief and depression, which can affect you.

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